Elixir of Life


Lives inspire other lives. Such is our human cycle. Nature has been made so vast so as to accommodate all kinds of dreams that are connected to the human drive. One such dream is a dream of that to be a fabulous physique. A body carved out of wood. It might be Arnold schwarzenneger or Brad Pitt as Tylor Durden in the cult movie ‘Fight club’. Your inspirations might vary but your objective remains the same. That body to die for.

People with such massive ambitions are accustomed to a much disciplined life. A life that accompanies a tight workout regimen, an extremely nutritious food intake and peers to constantly motivate them. It can be a tough life that involves a lot of hard work and focus. And after so much effort, what if, just what if, the results are not as expected. It can be quite demoralizing and heartbreaking to come to that point and to lose. That person can be you. HGH for sale can be ordered from jintropin.us.

But, it’s not always your fault. Food isn’t the same as it used to be neither is the air that we breathe in. There is help. HGH, loosely translated as Human growth hormone is an elixir to the process of body building and now can be ordered in India. Combined with your current routine, HGH can significantly improve the results that you wished for. The primary use of HGH is to improve Muscle mass. By the use of the same one can gain muscles with zero or minimal side effects. It helps makes your bones stronger. Your protein intake boons more results. It stimulates growth, reproduction and regeneration of your cells. It improves your liver and your immune system and also helps your organs to grow. And these are just a few things of many advantages that HGH has to offer.

Science is made to help mankind. As the old proverb goes, necessity is the mother of invention. As body building picked up, scientists realized that more is required to achieve the desired results. Hence their inventions bear fruit to HGH.

Although the dosage of the same has to be regulated by a professional, HGH has shown 100% results on aspiring body builders.


HGH has also been proved to improve the quality of your life, by improving your level of energy and your mood. HGH also helps in the mind’s ability to think.

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Get Compliments

I am always told I look ten years younger than I am and I get compliments on my body by guys (and girls) half my age.  Bragging isn’t the point.  The point is that I didn’t really have to put any extraordinary amount of effort to get where I am.

However, when that guy half my age asks how long I’ve been working out, my answer is “since before you were born, consistently, whether I feel like it or not, and regardless of injury or illness.”

In fact, the longest I’ve ever taken off from working out was around a week, and that occurred on a couple of occasions when I was seriously ill, or recovering from surgery.  On several occasions, I’ve worked out for months at a time with broken limbs in casts (you can ALWAYS work around any injury).


Maybe from the perspective of an overweight couch potato, but really no different from brushing my teeth as far as I’m concerned.

Would you find an excuse not to take care of your teeth for a couple of months?  Heck no, you do what you need to do on a daily basis, year after year to keep them strong and healthy.  Why is the rest of your body any different?

Yes, super hard work will get you a long ways toward any goal, but ADEQUATE effort put in consistently, year after year, will get you MUCH further!

How bad to do you want that six pack?

Over the years I’ve heard every excuse in the book.  I’ve even had quite a few clients bring me notes from their doctors saying they weren’t allowed to work out.  Not once has A SINGLE one of these doctors notes been medically relevant!  Not ONCE!

Sure, if you just had open heart surgery, there’s a certain recovery required, but increasingly, evidence is pointed to getting up and active as soon as possible even for something as complicated and dangerous as back surgery.  On multiple occasions I’ve been tempted to head into that doctors office and have then justify, on any sound medical theory, why their client should sit on the couch.  Of course I never have .

I’ve had several broken legs, had my ankle operated on, broke my collar bone three times, had broken ribs, arms, hand, several misc surgeries, and I can’t remember ever taking more than perhaps a week or two off from working out at most.  Yes, crutching your way into the gym will get stares, but that’s ok.  I can’t imagine the dedication it takes to be that guy above and I don’t even pretend to have that sort of motivation.

So what’s your excuse?

I was doing an interview recently and one of the questions was: “what two secrets can you give that will help anyone?”  My reply “eat right and exercise…..consistently.”

Yeah, not quite “secrets” but that’s the point: there are no secrets to this, and there aren’t any quick fixes or short cuts.  If you pay attention, people you know who are really fit (and over 30) have been eating right and exercising CONSISTENTLY for many years.  Sure, there is the female fitness model or male bodybuilder who lets themselves put on a bit of weight in the offseason, but even then, their year-after-year discipline puts most “normal” people to shame. Check out this website on https://www.myprotein.com/your-sport/bodybuilding.list.

This is the part of my philosophy that no one wants to hear.  This is NOT rocket science, nor is it really that difficult or time consuming.  If most “average” Americans added up the time they’ve spent with crash diets and fad exercise programs, they could already be super fit.  What they lack is consistency.

As I write this, I’m finishing up a 1000 calorie “salad” for lunch.  Last night I had sushi for dinner, chicken and fruit for lunch, a big omelet for breakfast and Salmon with broccoli the night before.  All very tasty but also all consistently healthy.

I got my volleyball in yesterday and although I took a day off the day before, I did a workout every day for the previous five and will probably only miss one workout this week (will be on planes and in airports the entire day).  I’ll enjoy pretty much every meal I eat, and probably spend 3 hours in the gym (I don’t count the time I spend doing fun workouts like hiking, biking, volleyball, etc.).

Recently a (single male) friend

Recently a (single male) friend of mine commented that it’s pretty easy to tell which younger women aren’t going to age well just by their food choices (edited version of his comment).

The young lady had just sat down to a big bowl of Mac&Cheese.

The fact that this dish has EVER been considered “food” is a mystery to most fit people.  Sure, if you’re starving to death in some war-ravaged country in Africa, Mac&Cheese is a god-send.

M&C consists of an excess of simple carbs slathered with more carbs and fat, there’s not much separating M&C from a desert.

While M&C used to simply be a good way to fatten up your unaware children, this particular delicacy is now popping up in many of the best restaurants around.

I guess that’s really no surprise: not only is it basically a desert masquerading as a meal that most people have fond childhood memories of, but it’s incredibly cheap to make, given that it really contains no ingredients with any nutritional value (and hence cost).

Not that I’m trying to pick on M&C alone.  So many people make their meal choices without a thought to what they are really eating. More information about meals is available at https://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/.

I group eating choices as either having nutritional value (called food) or just calories (desert).  Yes, I consider M&C desert, as are french fries, bread, any pasta, etc.

There are many foods that are high in calories, but at least contain protein, healthy fats, vitamins, etc., but many more that mascaraed as food but in my view, aren’t.

Most processed foods fall into this category, and virtually ALL pre-packaged breakfast options are either straight out desserts (pop-tarts and other breakfast pastries, pancakes, french toast, most children’s breakfast cereals, etc.) or are boarderline deserts such as more health oriented breakfast cereals (which are still pretty much fortified sugar flakes).

One of the most popular breakfast restaurants in my town has a line around the building almost every morning, yet serves deserts almost exclusively.  Hundreds of people start their day there every day with a plate of empty calories.

Even many (supposedly) healthy snacks are really just desserts.  This includes virtually all popular snack bars, and even something as seemingly benign as a fruit roll-up for your child.

The fact that my very fit friend and I would never consider ordering such a nutritional catastrophe for dinner is no surprise.

Being fit is a lifestyle.  Not that either of us doesn’t cheat on occasion.  His weakness is fries, and mine is ice cream, but it’s a 5% thing for both of us: we eat super clean 95% of the time and acknowledge the 5% cheat as the desert it really is.